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Pakistan Electronic Media Essay

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Being a developing country, Pakistan has just stepped into the era of technological advancements in the past few years. Television, being the major contribution of the hi-tech progress, has made a great impact on our lives. It is the most popular source of information as well as entertainment as it tends to both the literate and illiterate population. Some call it an “IDIOT BOX”, as they consider it to be the reason why our current generation is completely misguided, blindly following whatever they are shown on TV. Similarly, TV has an adverse effect on the indigenous people, as it causes them to lose their cultural values and traditions, and adopt such innovations that may affect how they work, communicate, do business, trade, learn, teach, inform and research. Many are in favor of TV as it has a much positive impact on the life of the average people of Pakistan, in particular, and the world in general. It’s believed to be the most reliable source from where we can get up to date information on any affair or matter. Moreover, internet and mobile services are also steadily gaining popularity among the masses, especially in the more developed areas of the country. People, particularly the younger generation, is relying on it more and more as means of communication and source of information. Along with its benefits, it can also be a nuisance and cause serious problems if used negatively. In this paper, an empirical study is conducted whether watching TV, using internet, and mobile would lead us in a well informed, communicated, and participatory society or in a society of loneliness. These issues are explored in detail and analyzed what is the Electronic Media trend amongst the youth of Karachi.

Pakistan Electronic Media
Trends Amongst the Youth of Karachi
The dynamic nature of the technology has affected economic as well as social life pattern of the people. These continuously changing patterns were more difficult to adhere to in the...

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