Pakistan a Failed State Essay

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Liverpool Hope University Is Pakistan a failed state? Author Name Muhammad Safdar Ali September 2012 Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of Master of International Relations Liverpool Hope University UK 1 Abstract Failed states have become the crucial issue of contemporary politics. The question of Pakistan’s failure is because of its security failure, economic failure, and education failure. Insecurity is the most prominent factor of Pakistan, civilian are at life risk every moment and everywhere. The number of bomb blast and suicide attacks have increased, this caused more than 50 thousand people to leave their lives. The writ of government is seen nowhere in Pakistan. This situation forces the men of letters to call Pakistan a failed state. The other chapter of the work is on economics of Pakistan . Pakistan has suffered financial crises right from its birth. In the last years the situation has perverted and the financial setup of Pakistan is run with foreign adds and loans. This dismal situation has given birth to thousand of social problem in the society. Education is the back bone of any nation of the world. The education failure of the country is another drawback. The different type of education system prevailed in the country has destroyed the goal set by an education system. This work does not focus on terrorism as the main factor of failure, but it, unlike other, gloves on the more serious factors which are educational failure and economic failure. 2 Declaration I certify that this work is my own after a long research of four months. I also declare that this work is not submitted for any other purpose or any academic at any level but for Liverpool Hope University. 3 Acknowledgements Before even starting my words I would like to thank my teachers who nurtured me in my research field, to be
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