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This article covers history of Pakistan from 1885-1947. Important events of this period are summarized below. 1-In 1885 Indian National Congress was formed, the founder of All Indian National Congress was a British not a native Indian. This party was formed to express the demands of Indian people before government in a constitutional way. 2-In 1905 when Lord Minto(who was known for his administrative qualities) came to India as Viceroy, Muslims leaders decided to meet the Viceroy. Muslims leaders led by Sir Agha Khan, called upon him in 1906. The deputation, which came to be known as Simla Deputation in the history of freedom movement, included some eminent leaders of Muslims all over the Sub-Continent. 3-On 30th December, 1906,a political party for Muslims of India was formed given the name of "All India Muslim League" at Dacca. Nawab viqar-ul-Mulk was appointed as the president of newly born organization and Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk as the General Secretary. The Muslim League was fomed to protect the rights of Muslims from Hindus, who are in Majority. 4-The 1st session of All India Muslim League was held on 29th December, 1907 in Karachi under the chairmanship of Sir Adamjee Pirbhai. 5-In 1916, the Muslim League and Congress for the 1st time in history of India held their sessions in Lucknow and agreed on a scheme of constitutional reforms known as "Lucknow Pact". This is the first time in the history of India that Hindus agreed on the fact that Muslims of Indian Sub-Continent are a seperate nation. 6-In 1917, Khilafat Movement was started to protect Khilafat in Turkey. 7- In 1919, Khilafat delegation left for England and met the Prime Minister Lloyed George. 8-In 1924, Hijrat Movement Started but this movement failed to produce any results. 9-In 1927, Simon

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