Paired Reading To Enhance Fluency Skills Essay

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Body of the Text (separate page) 1. Research Question or Problem
Yes. The problem is clearly stated. The purpose of the study was to determine or re-affirm those skills necessary for reading and learning and to determine the optimum strategy or strategies for advancing these skills (Nes, 2003, pp. 179-1802). 2. Introduction
Yes. The introduction indicates the importance of fluency in reading and in school success. Seven sources are cited in the introduction. The ability to effortlessly recognize and understand a sequence of words seems to be a precursor to understand what you are reading and reading enjoyment (Nathan & Stanovichi3, 1991, as cited in Nes, 20034, p. 180). Reading fluency rates improve with age. Sixth- and seventh-grade students should be reading at least “150 words per minute” to demonstrate fluency (Guszak, 1985, as cited in Nes, p. 180) 3. Methodology
The three boys and one girl in the study were students from Grades 4, 5, and 6 who were reading at least one year below grade level and were reading below the minimum fluency rate for that grade level (Nes, 2003, p. 181). The researcher met with each student individually for “30 to 40 minutes” each day for the intervention sessions (p. 181). Data was collected regarding reading rate and accuracy and included 3 phases: baseline, intervention, and maintenance (p. 183). The author read a passage to each student as s/he followed along. The student, in turn, read the same passage to the author while she noted errors. Data was gathered each day in the areas of fluency rates and accuracy (p. 183). 4. Results
The results tied back directly to the purpose of the study. Data was presented to show that fluency, accuracy, and comprehension improved for each student (Nes, 2003, pp. 184-185). Graphs were present to illustrate the growth during the 11-week period (pp. 189-192). 5. Discussion/Conclusions

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