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Painting in South Korea Essay

  • Submitted by: ElhamA
  • on October 13, 2012
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Painting in South Korea has always been a glorious form of South Korean Art. It has a long history and even tells the story of South Korea in pictorial form. The paintings belonging to different eras and portraying various aspects of Korean lifestyle is probably the best way you can know this place. Whether colorful forms or sketches it sure does give you a detailed insight into the Culture of South Korea.
The first ever paintings of this place are believed to be wall paintings, deciphered on some of the walls of tombs belonging to the Three Kingdom Period. From then each era saw some specialty or the other. In the beginning it was highly influenced by Buddhism. However Painting in South Korea has flourished gradually from the Three Kingdoms Period to the contemporary era and has also undergone innumerable changes over this long time period.
South Korean Paintings are classified according to its predominant characteristics:
Traditional Folk Painting
Patterns of Birds and Flowers
Paintings of Peonies
Scholarly Implements
Calligraphy Paintings
Tiger Chase Paintings
Korean Scenery Paintings
Realistic Sceneries
Modern Korean Art
Modern Painting in South Korea has found a firm footing after wavering a little. The period of transition saw a conflict between the traditional and the modern genre. With artists from both the genres trying to uphold their respective techniques the clash was evident. However what emerged as a winner was the South Korean Art which was a blend of both. It was only after the World War II that modernism crept into Korean style. The artists used many methods to incorporate it into the existing form. Even modern artists have taken a liking for subjects like nature, man and cosmos, with played a major part in conventional art.
However modernism in Paintings of South Korea became greatly visible between 1960 and 1970, when South Korean Artists took more interest in geometrical shapes and in intangible subjects. Establishing a harmony...

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