Painting 1 Final Paper: Painting Analysis

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Edward Hopper was born north of New York City on the Hudson River on July 22, 1882 to Elizabeth Griffiths Smith and Garret Henry Hopper. He first showed talent for drawing at the early age of five and was a good student in grade school. Hopper’s parents recognized his artistic talent and began encouraging him at a young age by supplying him with various art materials, instructional magazines, and illustrated books hoping to give him inspiration. Hopper adopted a love of the Russian and French cultures as well as his intellectual tendencies from his father and received his artistic talent from his mother. By the time Hopper was a teenager, he had experienced several different art mediums such as: charcoal, watercolor, oil paints, as well as pen and ink. At this point in Hopper’s life, he was drawing his artistic inspiration from nature as well as political events from which he created political cartoons. Hopper began showing an interest in nautical subjects at the age of 13 when he created his first oil painting in 1895 that he titled Rowboat in Rocky Cave. Despite his artistic talent, Hopper had a prankish sense of humor just like any other boy his age but unlike the other boys his age, Hopper was able to constructively use this commonly discouraged behavior as inspiration through his art. This can be seen in his use of the human figure, where later in life he respectfully used women as figures in his paintings, but as a teenager, Hopper would sometimes depict immigrants or women dominating men in comic situations. It wasn’t until after graduating high school that Hopper officially declared his desire for an art career and was insisted upon to study commercial art by his parents in order to secure a steady income. He complied with his parents and in 1899 began a correspondence course in addition to his art studies, but it wasn’t very long after that

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