Painkiller Injections

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Critical Thinking Application Paper VII.What should Dr. Brown do about Mike Apollo? Dr. Brown has to make an unethical or ethical decision about should he give Mike Apollo the injection shot for him to finish out the championship game. There are several possibilities Dr. Brown have to consider if he decides to give Mike the injection, which are if he agrees with the team and give the injection would it really help the Lumberjacks win, would Mike Apollo rein jury himself while playing in the game, or would the injection shot be beneficial to Mike’s existing condition. The other option is that Dr. Brown could do the ethical thing and not give Mike Apollo the injection for the game due to him being concerned about his safety and heath. The…show more content…
It’s also stated that South Carolina administered 169 Toradol injections to player’s on game days over the 13games in 2008 season ( Within the article it states that sometimes players approach medical staff asking for pain pills or painkiller injections, and there are some players that stick to the pain pills and no injections. Within the article “Little harm seen from painkiller shots for pro athletes”, it states the main concern is that injections could worsen the initial injury by allowing the athlete to play through it. It also states that there are some potential downsides to receiving the injection shot like if you receive a injection to the knee or groin area it could unintentionally block a major motor nerve and leave a player temporarily unable to run or kick ( Stated within the article “Painkillers: A big, and unregulated, part of college football”, doctors and trainers say the drug does does not cause players to risk further injury because it doesn’t completely deaden the pain. The players can still feel it, just not as much ( From the articles I’ve research there are a lot of pro’s and con’s to the injection shot, and there are some players, teams, and organizations that are for and against the injection
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