Painewebber Essay

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USB PaineWebber's Business Operations Debilitated by Malicious Code Summary: Roger Duronio a former employee of UBS PaineWebber decided to sabotage their computer network because he felt he did not get fair compensation. This former employee had full network access and he took advantage of the many holes and flaws in the system. Duronio set off a software logic bomb that was designed to crash the network. This tragedy cost UBS PaineWebber over three million dollars. 1. What “red flags” might have indicated that Duronio was a disgruntled employee? Would any of those red flags also indicate that he sabotage the network for revenge? Nowadays it is wise to consider termination of employment (by employee or employer) a red-flag indicator of possible future problems with past employees. People seem to often handle employment problems with retaliation instead of moving on to the next endeavor. Every former employee can possibly become disgruntled. The fact that Duronio was a former systems administrator at UBS PW with full network access and unfair pay for his expertise (so he felt) should have been reason to be aware of the problems he could cause. 2. How could this disaster have been prevented? What policies, procedures, or technology could have prevented such an attack by an employee with full network access? Duronio’s password and user account information were used to gain remote access to the areas where the malicious code was built inside the UBS network. This disaster could have been prevented by making sure no single person has full access to the whole system. As soon as his employment was terminated his credentials should have been deleted from the network. I am sure he must have voiced his disappointment in the lack of pay to someone in the company. This information should have been reported to administrators of the company so they would have been aware of
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