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Introduction This compulsory module forms the second part of the Evidence Based Practice module. It allows the student to continue exploring literature applicable to an area of practice relevant to them, which has been identified in the previous literature search completed in Part 1. This module will provide the student with the opportunity to critically evaluate the literature identified, explore ways to disseminate the evidence identified and consider how this evidence could be implemented in their practice. The assignment is two fold, a formative discussion and a 5,000 word assignment. Suggested Reading Burns R. Grove S (2005) The Practice of Nursing Research, Conduct, Critique and Utilisation (5th ed.) Elsevier St Louis Brettle A, Grant AJ (2004) Finding the evidence for practice: A workbook for health professionals. Churchill Livingstone Edinburgh. Cook R. (2000) The Writer’s Manual Radcliffe Cormack D (2000) The Research Process in Nursing (4th ed) Blackwell Science Oxford Cox C Reyes – Hughes A. (2001) Clinical Effectiveness In Practice Palgrave Basingstoke Craig V, Smyth RL (2007) Evidence Based Practice Manual for Nurses (2nd Ed) Churchill Livingstone Edinburgh Crookes A, Davies S (2004) Research into practice: Essential Skills for Reading and Applying Research in Nursing and Healthcare. (2nd ed) Bailliere Tindall Edinburgh Crombie I K, Iain K. (1996) The Pocket Guide to Critical Appraisal: A Handbook for Health Care Professionals Cullum, N, Ciliska, D, Haynes, B, Marks, S, (2007) Evidence-Based Nursing: An Introduction Wiley,, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, Dawes M., Davies P, Gray A, Mant J, Seers K, Snowball R. (1999) Evidence Based Practice Churchill Livingstone Edinburgh. Dawson J. (2001) Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing Practice Whurr London Gerrish, K, Lacey, A, (2006) The Research Process In Nursing,

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