The Pain of Heindrich Essay

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<BR> <br> <br> <br> <br> Its in human nature to destroy. Whether its between two kids in an alley, or two countries <br>on a continent. The longing for power over someone else will make some people do any thing in <br>order to get it. This isn’t a new concept to humans as they have been fighting since the beginning <br>of time. But, do we have to have a war or fist fight to solve out problems? Or can we learn from <br>history and find other ways to solve our differences. This is the message that is brought across by <br>Heindrich Boll as he tells the story about soldiers in World War 1 that realize war is the worst of <br>worst things. Through the writing of the book Adam and The Train Boll voices out against <br>violence and war. There are several things he uses to tell his message. Characterization is used to <br>show how the war changed there lives for the worst. The mood is set as they get injured and go <br>to the hospital. The soldiers notice things that symbolize peace while they roam the deserted <br>town that is now called home. When talking about there stories and what they witness Boll likes <br>to use figurative language. <br> As Schmitz is forced to stay with the hospital the person that he really is comes out as he <br>buys fruit at a stand and shows his real character that was developed before the war.(Boll 46) <br>Other characters show that even though they are soldiers they have feelings and emotions just like <br>anything else. These emotions affect there judgment and the emotional stress each can withstand. <br>Boll was in the war and can relate to his own writing as he was once just a scared soldier like the <br>characters in his book. Characterization of the men is really developed as the war goes on and the <br>outlook of the war ending becomes grimmer and grimmer. Especially

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