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According to Wee and Hillier (2008) pain still remains a problem for approximately sixty percent of patients with end stage diseases. A study by Eues (2007) further portrays the importance of adequate pain relief by suggesting that death and dying not only effects the individual but the whole family unit and identifies that pain control is one of the biggest anxieties that relatives face. Pain within palliative care is a crucial aspect of the work of most health care professionals regardless of the setting in which they work (Faull et al 1998). Furthermore it is suggested that health care professionals should possess the knowledge and skill to adequately control physical and non physical symptoms It is pointed out by Dahl (2005) that at the of life pain can become much greater very quickly and emotion can fuel and shape pain. If a patient for example is anxious or worried regarding pain relief they may feel more sensitive to pain hence feeding a vicious cycle. In assessing and identifying pain, it is worthwhile considering that by alleviating pain in end of life acts as a catalyst in resolving other issues or problems a patient may experience and should be targeted in a multi faceted way (Clark 2000). It appears that the number of palliative care patients dying within the acute hospital setting is rising despite recent government initiatives (Moffat 2007) thus emphasising the crucial importance of providing quality evidence based healthcare. One such initiatives that aims to provide quality care to this group of patients is the Gold Standards Framework (DH 2001). This framework is a systematic evidence based approach to optimising the care for patients nearing the end of life in the community. It is concerned with helping people to live well until the end of life and includes care in the final year of life for people with any end stage illness. From this

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