Pain Assessment Essay

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Annotated Bibliography on
Pain Assessment Tools for Patients With Limited Communication

Health Assessment

Tammy F. Surrency

Dr. Constance Morrison

March 12, 2013


Pain assessment tools for patients with limited communication is the topic of this annotated bibliography. This is a topic of interest to me because for nurses, it is very important to perform a pain assessment on patients who have limitations in their ability to communicate as a result of cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, or language impairment. To identify, assess, and treat patients with complaints of pain are vital because the experience of pain may affect the perception and expression of other symptoms resulting in inappropriate treatments and management. In order to properly treat the symptoms of pain, a good pain assessment tools are used. The use of the pain assessment tool will assist in developing the plan of care for the patients. It will also assist nurses in the management strategies to treat and alleviate pain. A CINAHL search yielded two articles that were both peer reviewed and published by the Nursing Standard. One article in the Nursing Standard discussed how pain assessment tools are developed and implemented for use in patients with limited verbal communication abilities in acute care settings. These limited verbal communication abilities includes learning disabilities and language impairment. The other article in the Nursing Standard, discussed the use of pain assessment tools in older patients with cognitive impairment because they are unable to describe or communicate their pain due to dementia or Alzheimer’s. These articles discussed the pain assessment tools that can be used to help identify this subjective data in an attempt to make pain a more manageable symptom.

Harper, K., Bell, S. (2006). A pain assessment tool for patients with
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