Paideia of "Freedom as a Truth" and Paideia of "Truth as a Freedom"

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Abstract: This essay traces the development of the idea of Paideia as 'freedom as a truth' in Antiquity, the middle Ages, and the Renaissance to the idea of Paideia as 'truth as a freedom' that characterizes the present and is directed toward the future. It comments on the ideas of Schelling and Heidegger which have contributed toward this transformation. W. Jäger (1) ("unitary method") presents "Paideia": both as medicine, and as Goodness, and as bringing-up justice in the state (governors, guards, citizens, women and children). It practically includes all riches of culture. It is possible to argue about definition for a long time. To us the classics is closer. In Greek Platon's "Paideia" (IV ad.) a problem about an possibility and limits of attempts to improve man's life was put in a classical form. There are three classical approaches: Education of each separate citizen of a society (sometimes groups of the citizens) directly through introduction of ethical norms, developed by sages. Education of the elite of a society at first in conspiracy from most people, who then will transform a society in general. Or, finally, third "average" approach of the special influence on free activity of the person, with the purpose of understanding him of Truth of the Boon. If, certainly, both Truth and Boon still appreciated by the man of Freedom. Presently the classical statement of a problem has got other form. How will the concept of the Boon and Paideia be transformed, if the relations between Freedom and Truth will considerably change to opposite? In such form the problem is put in the title of the article. Actually before the terms "Freedom" and "Truth" a word "essence" is omitted. Classics talk about "essence of Freedom" and "the essence of Truth". One should remember and mentally "thought" about it. The complete name should sound like: "Ambiguity of Schelling

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