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Paid To Get Good Grades! Imagine being able to buy anything you want with the money you earn from school just to get good grades. Students from Chicago High Schools have an advantage to receive money according to Sadovi, Carlos students are paid just to get good grades (1). This benefits freshman and sophomore students because it reduces dropout rates, it will encourage students to become responsible and helps with financial aid for students who go to college. First of all, students are willing to do anything to get money so this gives students a good opportunity, which will reduce dropout rates (Sandovi 1). For example, a student who attends school every day has a better chance to learn faster than a student who doesn’t go to school which eventually will have no clue on what was taught the day missed. This will keep students in school and help them understand the importance of graduating to get a diploma. In addition, this will encourage students to become responsible for their education. They will see that their goal is to get good grades so their responsible to seek for help with tutoring and stay focused in school. Like, a student who doesn’t understand a topic will have to ask for help to get to a better understanding not just ignores it and forgets about it. It will just give students something to really shoot for. The benefits of it will be that students will work harder and increase their interest in learning. However, due to all the money earned from all the hard work it will help with financial aid for college. For example, if the student has been getting straight A’s they earn the money that corresponds to them and plus $2,000 which is even better (Sandovi 1). With money out of the way college will be a great option for students. It will show students that they can accomplish anything if they put in the work and overcome anything obstacles. In

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