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CASE ANALYSIS: PACIFIC HEALTHCARE Thomas McCarthy TLMT313 American Public University System Case Name: Pacific Healthcare I. Major Facts 1. Pacific Healthcare is the largest health care provider in Santa Barbara County. 2. Pacific Healthcare has three hospitals a. Pacific Memorial (415 beds) b. Pacific Cabrillo (250 beds) c. Pacific Island Vista (300 beds) 3. Pacific Healthcare also has two nursing homes and ten outpatient clinics. 4. Combined, Pacific Healthcare has over 1,500 beds. 5. Barney Rubble is corporate director of supply management for Pacific Healthcare and all subsidiaries. 6. Barney Rubble is in charge of procuring supplies for all of Pacific Healthcare. 7. Thurston Howell was the director of radiology. 8. Thurston Howell was in charge of supplier selection of X ray film in the past. 9. In the past, Thurston Howell only authorized Kodak film. 10. Existing agreement with Kodak calls for furnishing X ray equipment, along with maintenance and service. 11. Pacific will receive a substantial discount if Kodak is the single supplier of X ray film. 12. Kodak refused to provide these services if it is not the only source used for X ray film. 13. Pacific Healthcare only uses three types of film. d. X ray film e. Film for mammograms f. Film for CAT scans 14. Pacific uses approximately 1,500 sheets of X ray film per day. 15. Kodak film has been the industry standard in the past. 16. There are four other manufacturers of X ray Film. g. DuPont h. Agfa i. Fuji j. 3M APPENDIX A Manufacturer X ray film, price per sheet KodakAgfaDuPontFuji3M | | $1.80$1.58$1.50$1.40$1.35 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 17. Quality of DuPont and Agfa film are consistent with Kodak.

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