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Abraham Gonzalez Prof. G. Gastil Mex-Amer Hist. 142 (M•W•F, 8-8:50am) Decmber 4, 2006 Topical Report Almost every, or any, place you go you will find one… you will see something that dealt with it. What is it you might ask? Well, a cholo or cholo tagging. Today’s cholo’s are the evo;ution of an Mexican subculture that sprung in the 1930’s through 1950’s. This report deals with the pachucos and how they came about. Also, it deals with their life style, language, and their peculiar sense of beign. Pachucos are Mexican American teenagers, which ages rounded from thirteen to twenty-two, who belonged to juviniel gang (most of the time) from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.(De Leon) The Pachucos initiated in the southwest. Most to be exact, in El Paso, Texas. They felt alienated from their parents, who held to old world values hoping to return to Mexico one day. From their families to the society they were oppressed down, seen as criminals and outsiders (Gonzalez).There the Pachucos united in the Canarlismo (Brotherhood) and made a sub-culture within their sub-culture. Where does the name “Pachuco” come from? Some writers about the Pachucos think that it’s a name that evolved itself. Well, according to Richard J. Griego, a writer for the New Mexico News paper, he says that the word Pachuco is the nickname given to the city of El Paso, which was often referred to as “El Pachuco” or simply “El chuco”. From their in the 1930’s they moved to Los Angeles were the people knew from where they came from. Thus, the people of Los Angeles referred to them as Pachucos, because they came from El Pachuco (El Paso). The Pachucos brought with them the language of the barrios and the language of the Gypsies. To many people it was offensive, however, to imprese a person they changes their way of talk to please society. To illustrate my topic good I will talk about one peculiar pachuco

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