The Pachamama Essay

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Tourism is a lucrative industry for almost every country in the world. The pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, Iguazu Falls of Argentina. Sights people hear about which develop into a curiosity that lead them into all areas of the world they await to discover. When it comes to global tourism a country will go to great lengths to bring in as much profit they seem is possible. After all, tourism for certain countries can be what brings in the most money for the economy. So why wouldn’t a country do all that it can to boost its own economy? However the case of Argentina and the Pachamama is whole different one in its entirety. The whole situation is immoral. From the article it is evident that the Pachamama was a sculpture that was created by the people of the Calchaqi. It was a sculpture that was to symbolize whatever people wanted it to symbolize. If they felt it was a symbol of fertility then to one person it may have, whether it be for fertility or even luck. However, the controversy arises because the Santamarianos do not feel it is a true representation of what their Pachamama is. Yet because there has been so much talk and controversy over the sculpture officials saw an opportunity to turn the situation into a profit. The main problem with that situation is they took the credit away from the Calchaqi and stamped the name of the Incas on it. With the Incas being recognized all over the world for their historical legend, they knew that them being related to this sculpture is what would bring in the tourists. No one would come otherwise to see a sculpture that belong to a tribe that no one hardly knows about. However it is deceiving because the Incas did not believe in the vertical relationship of man being on top of the earth. They had the belief of being at one with the earth and feeling connected to it. They worshiped the earth and constantly

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