Pablo Picasso Girl Before the Mirror

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Girl Before a Mirror is an amazing painting by Pablo Picasso, of his young mistress Marie Therese Walter. The painting is very involved as it tries to portray a woman facing her image as a pure innocent young lady to a woman that she has become or is becoming. The contrast that Pablo Picasso is trying to depict is not just relevant in the image in the mirror, but also through the color pallet he chose. On the young girls innocent side, the colors seem to be more pure and subtle with one half of her face a pale pink, her hair soft and blonde, and what looks like a white silhouette or halo around her head, and as her image gets closer to her reflection in the mirror, the colors start to become more intense not so simple or innocent. The transformation of the colors from her standing there, to her reflection in the mirror, shows a darker, older, more voluptuous woman. He portrays this by using darker colors like the darker blue silhouette around her head, her face becomes a darker shade of purple, and what used to be her soft blonde hair is replaced by darker hues. The interpretation of the contrasting colors is just one way the artist tried to illustrate what his mistress felt, thought, and saw of herself. Pablo Picasso demonstrated his piece also through her expression, her stance, how she embraces the mirror as she starts to realize that she is becoming a woman and as it appears carrying their love child. As the young serene girl sees this new image of herself she starts to cry. The image of her being sad or maybe even scared is depicted through her eyes which are sunken in, her mouth which is pouty and a tear that running down her cheek. By the way she is clutching the mirror and not looking directly at her-self shows that possibly she is regretful, ashamed, in disbelief and not happy with what she sees. The fact that she is looking out and not directly
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