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Janeyda Cruz Ap World History Per.3 January 22,2015 Pablo Picasso Every artist has his or her own unique style and each artist portrays something different in his or her paintings. One of the most famous artist in modern art, in the 20th century was Pablo Picasso he was not only a prodigy in abstract art but also trialed with sculpting and ceramics. Pablo Picasso was born Pablo Ruiz and was Spanish painter who was born on October 25,1881 in Malaga, Spain and he died on April 8, 1973 in Mougins France. At a young age Picasso started sketching and drawing detailed pictures. Many believed that he got his artistic skills from his father Jose Ruiz Belasco who was also an aspiring artist. Both his parents believed he was going to become an artist for it is believed that young Picassos first words were “Piz” closely sounding to the Spanish word “Lapiz” meaning pencil. At the age of eight Pablo painted his first oil painting, which he named “ El Picador”. Later on Picasso was declared to take advanced classes at The Royal Academy of Art In Barcelona at age 15. After the 1900’s Picasso spent most of his time in Paris (1904 to 1947). Pablo Picasso is most famous Analytic Cubism (1909-1912). His First piece named “ Les Demoiselles D’ Avingos “ initiated cubism and modern abstract art to the world. He established this style with Georges Braque. This style was where both artists took apart objects and examined them in terms of their shape and angles. Picasso and Braque than distinguished cubist collages in which they began to introduce letter and scraps of newspaper into their cubist paintings. This later on turned into synthetic cubism. A Positive contribution that Pablo Picasso created was with his painting “Guernica” which he produced in response to the bombing of Guernica by German and Italian warplanes on April 26, 1937. His painting portrayed the statement against

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