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****** 1 ******** ******* ********** ******* Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso is one known as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. I shall explore the evolution of a young Pablo Ruiz Picasso to the experienced genius that had shaped the way we see art today from his Blue and Rose periods through the birth of Cubism to the struggles of the experimental thirties. As we go to the death of a proud father, Picasso was born in Malaga on the 25th of October 1881. The only children of the family were Pablo and his younger sister. As you know Spaniards take the name of one’s father and of one’s mother. The name Ruiz was his father’s. His mother’s was Picasso. His birth name is Pablo Riuz Picasso. Since its such a long name its a pain to sign so he shortened it. On Pablo’s earlier canvases he signed Pablo Ruiz but later changed his name to who we know of now, Pablo Picasso. Picasso is of Italian origin and the Picasso were silversmiths. Physically Pablo resembles his mother, small and robust with a vigorous body, dark-skinned, straight not very fine black hair. Picasso used to always say that his father was like an English-man. His father , José Ruiz Blasco was tall and had reddish hair and an English way of carrying himself. As a child Picasso was making drawings, not the drawings of a child would have but one a painter would have painted. When he was fifteen years old he would make oil portraits of his younger sister. He painted like a born painter. Then at age nineteen Picasso was off to Paris. Two months later he went back to Barcelona sold some paintings. Picasso settled in Madrid and starts the magazine “Arte Joven“ with the writer Francisco de Assis Saler. Soon after Picasso goes back to Barcelona and then back to Paris again, Picasso had friends but none of where painters. In 1902, Picasso returned to Spain and painting in his Blue period.

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