Pa260: Criminal Law

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Running head: Final Project Essay: 1) PA260-02: June 19, 2015 Unit 9 Assignment Kaplan University Final Project Essay PA260-02: Criminal Law Professor Wendi Cline Final Project Essay Introduction: Law- making, as practiced by both the legislature and the judiciary, carries implicit beliefs about human society. It is concerned about social organization, and the concepts of powers and rights are defined in the context of allocation of finite resources, and the less definable concepts of dignity, equality and entitlements. The law, maybe defined as the universal discipline of virtue impressed in the heart and mind of human beings to guide them in the exercise of their rights. In other words, it must be a choice which will prove to be correct in the light of the experience and inner convictions of the law- maker or the judge who interprets the law. 1). PA260-3: Analysis Constitional Protection In Criminal Law: Criminal defendants have several constitutional rights. Maybe, the most essential protection is the requirement that the prosecution prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, defendants have other rights to. Including the right to, (1) remain silent (2) confront witness (3) have a public trial (4) have a jury trial (5) have a speedy trial
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