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PA 253 Final Exam Answers PA 253 Final Exam Answers Question 1. Lawyers cannot split fees for legal services with non-lawyers. Question 2. Legal professionals should not disclose adverse case law when writing legal briefs. Question 3. Sarah has just been made a member of the bar and is going to open her own law office. You will be her first employee! What advice can you give her about professional liability insurance. Question 4. Paralegals are expected to follow the same ethical rules as attorneys. Question 5. The elements of a professional negligence claim include: Question 6. Paralegals are permitted to: Question 7. Which of the following constitutes unethical solicitation? Question 8. While at the district attorney's office, Paralegal Fritz worked on the prosecution of thousands of cases. Fritz feels trapped in that job. Even though he would like to move into the defense side for a law firm where he could find higher salaries, he's staying put because he knows that he would raise conflict issues at all of the local firms. As Fritz's friend, you advise him to stay put at the D.A.'s office because the conflict problem cannot be solved and the benefits are better where he is anyway. Question 9. Paralegals are permitted to draft legal pleadings. Question 10. Non-licensed persons can never represent clients before administrative agencies. Question 11. A lawyer will often be disqualified from a case if the case is substantially related to a prior representation in which the attorney represented the other side of the dispute. Question 12. The duty of confidentiality covers all information relating to the representation of the client, regardless of the source. Question 13. The

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