PSY 504: Personality Assessment

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ty Assessment Personality Assessment Cheryl Melton University of Phoenix PSCHY/504 Von, Rathsachack February 6, 2012 Personality Assessment Personality assessment has gone through many stages of controversy to determine the best method in determining a person’s personality and the areas of problems that exist for the person. From Freud to Cattell there have been many who have put pen to paper to analyze and perform studies to determine the best method to use. This paper will elaborate on three such methods, 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire, Rorschach Inkblot Test, and Self-help books; comparing the validity, comprehensiveness, applicability, and cultural utility of each. 16 Personality Factor Questionnaires “In 1949, Raymond Cattell published the first edition of his 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire” (16 Personality Factor Fifth Edition Questionnaire, 2010, p. 1). His revolutionary concept of the use of structure through factor analysis that measures the whole of the human personality was advanced through the fifth edition by natural evolution to reflect today’s changes in society (16 Personality Factor Fifth Edition Questionnaire, 2010). The 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire is a report of questions given to individuals to measure the 16 normal adult personality dimensions,…show more content…
Over 55 years of research has gone into the construction for this questionnaire, to allow it to provide the most in-depth information possible. “The non-invasive questions and design meets the EEOC requirements related to the Civil Rights Act of 1990 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, to ensure the minimizing of differences among groups based on ethnic, gender, and age” (16 Personality Factor Fifth Edition Questionnaire, 2010,
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