PSY 400: Theories And Applications Of Social Psychology

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Social Psychology PSY/400 University of Phoenix Social Psychology Social psychology is taking the theories and applications of psychology and applying it, not on an individual alone in the world, but on how that individual interacts, thinks, feels, and behaves in a particular social situation. There are plenty of things that an individual might not have done if he or she had not been in the situation he or she were in with the people he or she were in it with. The way that most individuals interact with the world has to do with the perceptions others around them have about them, and the perception he or she have of themselves. Social psychology seeks to understand how this social dynamic makes a difference in psychology. Define…show more content…
Automatically individuals assume that we would be happy with some of these situations and depressed over others they are in. “Social-psychological research has shown that these intuitively obvious conclusions are not always true” (Smith & Mackie, 2000, p. 25). After a test is over and a good grade is received, the student may be thinking ahead to the next test, rather than being happy about his or her current good grade. Research in social psychology helps to explain why something that seems so simple to understand really is very complex and knowing how a person may react depends on them being in the situation. Social psychologists not only complete research in a laboratory setting, but also try to complete experiments in real world settings, through surveys and other research methods, as some people may not act the same in a controlled setting as he or she do in an uncontrolled. Conclusion Social psychology is an important discipline in psychology. This study helps to take psychology from just focusing on the internal cognitions that an individual has and puts it in the context of social situations. As humans, we are not solitary creatures and seek the company of other individuals. The way that individuals think others view them and the way he or she view themselves have a big role to play in why he or she is the person that they are. Examining the roles that others play in an individual’s thoughts, emotions and actions can really help to understand social
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