PSY 340: The Foundation Of Biological Psychology

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Biological Psychology Name PSY 340: Biological Foundations of Psychology Date Biological Psychology The beginning of behavior, emotion, and thought all begin in the brain and this is the foundation of biological psychology. Biological psychology is the scientific study of the physiological bases of human behavior and mental processes. Biological psychology is also known as behavioral neuroscience and physiological psychology. Biological psychology focuses on the relationship of underlying physiological events and psychological processes. This form of psychology is involved with the mind-body dispute and researchers how they affect one another. Biological psychology thrives to explain the brain and the nervous system and how they relate to human characteristics such as learning, thinking, feeling, and perception. The biopsychological approach includes an assumption that biological events can cause mental consequences and vise versa. The main assumption is that the mental process and biological events are directly linked together and work as one. The history of biological psychology dates all the way back to the Greeks. The Greeks recognized that humans and animals developed in regards to their environmental surroundings in order to survive and create a better life. Humans and animals are key ingredients to the combination of biology and psychology. Hernandez,…show more content…
Social neuroscience is a field that focuses on how biological methods and concepts refine theories of social behavior and processes. Studying the nervous system is another way to study the mind and body and how they relate. Physiological psychology uses surgical methods to better understand the mind and body issue. All fields of psychology work together to communicate findings and better understand the human body and
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