P6: Crime Essay

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P6 There are many different ways people or the environment can be a victim of crime; Businesses can be a victim of crime but the most common crime against businesses is theft, theft can come from a citizen or most of the time it’s someone within the company who steals from them. This effect them because they lose out on profit and some companies have to have set targets to meet at every month or year and if the company report the theft they go through insurance so it cause the amount of money they pay into the insurance and in some cases causes some business to close down. Another type of theft is copyrighting (illegal downloading) a lot of people lose out on profit then artist, producer, shop. Criminal damage is also cause business to lose out on profit or close down because people automatically think that it is a rundown business. The community can also be a victim of crime as people don’t go to certain places because they have teens and young adults drinking on the streets which can make people don’t feel secure in their own neighbourhood, then there are parks what are all smashed up with glass all over and drugs on the floor or signs of drugs misuse which could make the community run down. People who are vulnerable are most likely to be at risk of crime like the disable who have got learning difficulties people can persuade them to commit a crime so they won’t get in trouble for it, or take advantage of the blind and sick because it is harder for them to defend themselves. The young can be victims as they would do anything to fit in or just commit a crime because they don’t know any better. The old are vulnerable as people think that they are an easy target, door knockers come to their house to offer something and the old listen as they think it could be something to help them and it is hard from the old to defend themselves as they easily get

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