P4 Unit 12 Business Essay

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(P2) The business idea that we have chosen for this assignment is the Brazilian style cafe. This will be based in Shipley town centre as we discussed this would be the appropriate place for the business. Afterwards we named the cafe to be Café Smiles. (M1) Here I am going to explain how I will identify the target market for the business that I have proposed. The best possible way to identify target market at really cheap price and also getting the most appropriate results is using a questionnaire. Market research questionnaires are a well-known way of generating market information. Questionnaires are typically used to produce numbers. For example, how many potential customers there are in the local area, whether they would find such a product or service useful and the sort of price they would be willing to pay for it. The key is to ask the right people the right questions, and that you are asking enough people to get meaningful results. (P4) Now we shall describe the legal and financial aspects that affect the start up of the business idea. And also explaining the type of ownership and why it’s appropriate for our business and the legal issues that surround it. Food safety All businesses in the food…show more content…
These could include fire alarm systems and extinguishers as well as clearly signed escape routes. If you have five or more employees your fire risk assessment must be written down. You're responsible not only for the safety of your staff but also of anyone who might be on your premises, like customers or suppliers. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has produced several helpful guides for businesses. You can download these from the DCLG website. Information about fire regulations in Northern Ireland is available on the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service
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