P4 Unit 10 Communication Technologies

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What data elements are and why they are important There are two different types of data elements such as: 1) Elementry data elements - Defined by the built in values of data type and lenght 2) Reference data elements - Make use of reference variables mostly used in other ABAP objects Data element is a data dictionary which can be created or modifed by using a process which is called SE11. The purpose of data elements are they are designed to find the characteristics of a table field or a component of a structure. Data element is a term where a process of the functions take place over networks just like protocols. Frames and Packets: To avoid delay during the process of transmitting data to another network, the networks change the amount of data that can be transferred across which is called switching. The amount of units that the data is sent in is called packets. Datagrams: Datagrams aren't very reliable because they work by themselves and also you aren't always guaranteed that your data will get to it's destination as a whole when you first sent it. This is were higher protocols come into play because they decide whether the data reaches it's destination. People who stream a lot such as, video, audio, voice use datagrams because it'll still be okay if a few are lost on the way. Addresses: An address is given to a computer by the router. The router gives out the IP address so that when the networks sending data or receiving data from the computer it knows which computer to send it too through the IP address. This makes it a lot easier for the networks to communicate to each other. Sequence numbers: Sequence numbers are numbers that are in a certain order, which are referred to as a string. The numbers sort out error correction and

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