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P3-With examples, you are to describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of your selected organisation. I will be assessing the different types of physical and technological resources needed in an organisation. I have chosen to use Sainsbury’s. A physical resource is anything man-made. This includes buildings and manufacturing resources. Physical resources in Sainsbury’s include tills, self-scanners, shelves, freezers, stock displays and uniforms. Sainsbury’s must have tills at all every store because they are used to scan and add up the price of products bought by a person in one transaction. Self-scanners are not a necessity although they are very useful. They are used by people who aren’t buying many items and it makes the buying process for the customer a lot quicker. Even the smallest Sainsbury’s stores sell a lot of items; this is why shelves are needed in stores. They are used to hold stock and to make it easier for customers to clearly see what Sainsbury’s are selling. Freezers are a necessity for Sainsbury’s because without them they wouldn’t be able to offer any frozen products. If they couldn’t sell frozen products, people would most likely move to another supermarket with a wider variety of products on offer. Having stock displays isn’t very important for Sainsbury’s. They are useful to promote new products or offers. They catch the attention of customers making them notice what’s on offer ergo the product will sell faster than being on an ordinary shelf. Employees of Sainsbury’s represent the company to customers in stores, this is why uniform is important. If employees looked scruffy and weren’t polite then people may slate the company, but if they were smartly dressed and were well mannered then people may want to shop there because of the good customer service. One of the main physical resources would be the

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