P2 Unit 3 Business

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Describe the limitations and contstraints of marketing. Limitations and constraints are laws that are put in place to protect the buyer/customer on the products and services they purchase. Legal issues which limits or contrains marketers are the following- Consumer law * Sale of goods act 1979. This act has been designed to protect both the seller and the buyer. This act means the company has the right to sell their products and services. This means when items are being sold by their description for example buying a product from ebay and how they describe the product they are selling has to be accurate otherwise the sales of goods act would have been broken and the person selling the item could be prosecuted. This act also includes sampels when the customer is shown or try samples of their products the product on the shelfs has to be the same as the customers has tested/tried. Examples of buisnesses that have been affected by sales of goods act 1979- 1. The company has been affected in a good way because this act allows the company to have the right to sell their products and services. Which allows the business to keep running and trading. * Consumer protection from unfair trading. This law is in place to prevent traders are honest and fair when offering their products and services for sale. Examples of how business have been affected by consumer protection from unfair trading- 1. A company which lets people sell products through their company can be affected because the people using the company to sell their product is not honest this could get the company into trouble. One example of an online company that could be affected by this is ebay. 2. A land owner who allows bootfairs to go on which include sellers and buyers as they are using their land they need to make sure that the sellers are being honest to the customers otherwise

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