P1 Values and Planning

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I am going to explain how the application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support for individuals who use social services. (P1) Empowerment of Individuals Empowerment is enabling individuals to take responsibility for their own lives by making informed decisions, this is seen to be at the heart of the Care Value Basis and is important to make individuals feel respected and valued. Promotion of Choice Enabling vulnerable adults to make their own choices can make a massive impact on individuals in a positive way which gives them the independence that they feel they are entitled to, for example choosing what clothes they wear, what food they eat and what activities they take part in. Promotion of Rights All individuals in a health and social care environment have rights to confidentiality, choice and to have their individuality acknowledged and respected. Recognition of Preferences When providing social care support for vulnerable people, it is important to find out and recognize their preferences. This will ensure that they are able to live independently and allow them to stay in control of their daily lives. For example, individuals should be able to state their preference as to the type of support they wish to receive. Involvement of individuals in planning their support All care should be addressed in a person centred approach and should be personal to each individual, involving service users in planning their support will make them feel more involved and will allow them to feel more in control of their life instead of decisions being made for them. Respect for religious beliefs, moral beliefs and culture Britain is a multicultural society and this has an impact on health and social care delivery. Not only do health and social care professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds but so do the people
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