P1 Unit 3 Essay

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Small business advisor Nationwide 14-Chaseside Southgate London N14 5RJ 30/09/2013 020-363-5320 David Johnstone 95-97 Dyke Road Brighton BNI 3JE Reference Business Start-up-Tin Drum Dear David, Following our meeting on 30/09/2013 concerning the start-up of your business ‘Tin Drum’ please find the attached information. I do hope the meeting met with your requirements and I look forward to meeting with you again to discuss your business needs. As agreed I have forwarded your company details to our loan department who will contact you within the next five working days. You’re sincerely, Mustapha Adan Mustapha Adan Small Business Advisor Direct line- 020-836-5321 Before starting up a business there is a lot of risks and a lot of things to be considered such as the location of the business, marketing, health and safety etc., I am going to go through this with you. Location – Tin Drum Location is very important when you’re starting up a business because you need to go to an area where people will buy your products. The café Tin Drum would be ideal to open in a town centre because it will be open in evenings and teenagers may go there to have fun. When looking at a location you need to check if you will have any potential competitors and also you need to have council permission to be open late and to do activities such as shisha bar. When looking at locations you need to look at if the utility costs will be expensive such as rent, power and electricity. There are many aspects to look at when starting up a business and the location is the one of the biggest things you should think about. Marketing - Tin Drum When starting up a business you need to know the pricing of your products and you need to make sure that you have enough money to pay for bills, rent and staff and also receive profit. Also when starting up a business you need

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