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UNIT 3 P1 ALDI Business Objective Aldi believes that customers want something of good quality from their money instead of misleading quality. Aldi’s business objectives are to provide their customers with high quality products which are the same but cheaper than other brands products also they make sure that these products are kept at a reasonable price so that they do not lose customers. Aldi can achieve their objective if their prices are kept at a minimum instead of being average or high. Aldi control their prices by buying a lot of quantities from a small range. By cutting costs and being effective they can gain profits back and meet their business objectives. References http://www.ivoryresearch.com/writers/susan-gill-ivory-research-writer/ http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/aldi/competitive-advantage-through-efficiency/introduction.html#axzz3Ezlk68JB Marketing Objectives One of Aldi’s marketing objective is to grow their market share in the UK grocery market. They intend to do this by using aggressive marketing strategies that show Aldi branded products are cheaper and another option to the mainstream products without reducing the quality for example Aldi’s ‘Swap and Save’ campaign had a marketing objective which was to increase their market share from 2.3% to 2.5%. By Creating various values via marketing, Aldi can also develop their customer loyalty as it comes out cheaper for them to maintain their old customers than attracting new ones. Aldi’s marketing strategies have been proven to be effective as it shows they have increased Aldi’s share within their market and have expanded profits by 62.5% in 2013. The group turnover has also been raised by 35.7% to £5.7Billion over the same time. References: http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/aldi/creating-value-through-the-marketing-mix/introduction.html#axzz3Ezlk68JB UNIT 3 P1

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