P1 Unit 2

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Business Communication Task 1 P1 In this task I have been asked to select a large organisation, in which I have selected Tata Group and have been asked to explain/evaluate the several types of information used, the sources they get the data from and also why it’s suitable to the business’ strategic choices. Verbal information Verbal information is the information between individuals by using speech/ oral communication. The distribution of information amongst individuals by the use dialogue. The use of verbal communication is using sounds and words to express yourself. Tata Group’s use verbal communication through their staff, by helping the customers find what they want to buy, also verbal communication allows staff to communicate with each other making sure they resolve any problems in the store. Tata Group also have a customer service sector which deals with customers verbally helping them resolve any issues they may have. Tata Group has over 75years worth of communication management under their belt making them successful business in the retail market. The purpose of Verbal information is to convey thoughts and ideas effectively by using words as a medium. This can be used to communicate sales promotions or Informing about future developments. Written communication Written communication is any type of message that make use of the written word. There are many form of written communication this can come in the form of a report, memo, e-mails, instant message and job descriptions. The forms of internal communication listed above are use in Tata Group’s by the employees that work there. Tata Group’s can use reports as a way in which they can communicate with the senior levels of specific branches. Tata Group’s can also use letters as a way to communicate formally locally or nationally. The purpose of written information is that it allows someone to
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