P1 Unit 2 Essay

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Describe the travel and tourism business environment, providing examples of organisations The public sector includes public sector organisations, regulatory bodies and conservation bodies. The role of the public sector is to support and guide businesses so that everyone can benefit from tourism while minimising problems. An example of this is Visit Britain, a national organisation run by the government. They aim to promote Britain to the rest of the world, aiming to attract as many inbound tourists as possible in which will boost the UK economy and UK tourism. Visit Britain is a non-department public body funded by the Department of culture, Media and sport. There are also businesses that are controlled by the local government who provide funds to public sector organisations in that particular area. These can be local tourist boards and some visitor attractions. Examples of tourist boards within the UK are VisitEngland, VisitDevon, and VisitWales. Most of the businesses within the travel and tourism industry however are privately owned. Different to the public sector, private sector businesses are not owned or under controlled by the government; they are owned and resourced by private enterprises. The main aim for these types of businesses is to make a profit. These businesses can be small to large business; small businesses owned by one owner such as Newport guest house in Lincoln and larger businesses such as TUI Travel with many owners or shares. An example of this could be Virgin; a world-wide well known travel and tourism business which sells holidays and flights to customers. There are different types of private companies. The difference between them is in the amount of liability the owners have if the company goes bankrupt. Private limited companies issue shares that can be bought and sold only with the permission of the board of directors. If the

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