P1 Unit 10 Health And Social Care

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P1 The main reason we do research is to gather information and find out about a certain topic and you are able to back up theories and justify your finding and help monitor something before carrying it out also to discover new information about a specific topic or area of subject, it is also a way to understand about events and behaviours and is a very active and systematic process or inquiry. Identifying needs: Identifying needs is when for example a patient goes to the local GP because they think they have a certain illness and it’s the doctors job and it’s the doctors job if they think they have a certain disease, the doctor may have ask because any genetic or background history of the illness and identifying needs of the patients can save lives in the process as it is what the doctor has signed up for in this job role, without this role a doctors job would be very hard to do as he wouldn’t know what illness or disease he needed to cure and with which antibiotics or treatment. Before a new treatment or care routine can take place there needs to be a specific study or research carried out which investigates the benefits to others and the research focuses on a better…show more content…
The research should be approved by the secretary of state otherwise the research can’t go ahead. If the evidence is not supported by reliable sources then the inductive and deductive claims would be seen as misused.E.g. In a health & social care setting there could be research on how effectiveness is this new drug and it may be clearer to the public to present this by certainty rather then probabilities. Without use and misuse of data the researchers could publish their findings that could then cause discussions that have a negative effect on the publicist job is that it protects individuals by not giving them un efficient and nonsense information and

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