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P1: Explain different types of business information, their sources and purpose. M1: Explain the advantages and disadvantages. The business I will be using for this task is Santander Bank. Santander was authorised in 1857 by Queen Isabel the second of Spain. As a bank they now have over 13,500 branches in more than 40 countries worldwide. They also have 92 million customers, with their main focus being in Europe, UK, USA and South America. They are now one of the world’s strongest and best capitalised banking networks and one of the top for making profits. It also claims to be the safest and secure, which is appealing to customers who want security with their banking society. Types of information | Source | Purpose | Advantages | Disadvantages | Verbal and non-verbal. | Sources of this are face to face conversations and face expressions (non-verbal) and also on the telephone conversations. | The purpose of this type of information is so that a message can be put across to who is listening in more than just one way. Telephone conversations are practical in Santander bank because if they haven’t got the time for a meeting with another person they can make a phone call, however this doesn’t express non-verbal information. | An advantage of using these types of information is that there is less chance of a mis-understanding and everything regarding that particular topic can be agree or organisation within one session. This also makes this more efficient and quicker if the meeting can be arranged in a convenient way for whoever is involved. | A disadvantage of using this type of information is that words within a face to face conversation can be mis-communicated and therefore something that is said might not have been perceived in the correct way that it was supposed therefore someone could get offended or a deal can made wrong or in conclusion turned
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