P1 M1 Essay Health and Socila Care

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PART 1 : Complete the following two tables to: Table 1 * Explain the principal sociological perspectives (P1) * Assess the biomedical and socio-medical models of health (M1) SOCIOLOGICAL APPROACH | KEYWORDSKey terms? | KEY IDEASWhat does the word mean? | IDENTIFY TWO STRENGTHSPositive approach | IDENTIFY TWO WEAKNESSESNegative about sociological approach | Functionalism | Structuralism Function Common value system | All societies are made up of key institutions for example the family and these institutions ensure the smooth running of society. | Provides explanations for the smooth running of society.Analyses the role of key institutions. | Not all areas of conflict are looked at.Does not allow for free will. | Marxism | Bourgeoisie/Capitalist ProletariatFalse consciousness | Marxism is known as a conflict theories because it claims that countries are in conflict with one another, Marxism conflict is between the rich and the poor. | Marxist theory looks at society as a whole, therefore acknowledging all the social forces involved.Stresses the role of class struggle (conflict) within society between the proletariat (workers) and the bourgeoisie (owners). | Children are used as cheap labour, this means that children had to work in dangerous conditions such as in mines or as chimney sweeps therefore didn’t receive an education.It overlooks the idea that other factors may help to shape society. | Feminism | Marxist feminism Radical feminism Liberal feminism | Feminism is a sociological theory that argued feminist were developed and dominated by men. They also argued that woman do not receive enough attention which made the society unequal. Feminist theorists question the differences between women, including how race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, and age intersect with gender. | To ensure society is now equal many policies and
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