P1 – Explain Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Their Purposes

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P1 – Explain different types of business information, their sources and their purposes There are several types of business information these include verbal; written; onscreen; multi-media and web based. All types of business information are important as they allow the communication between departments within a business as well as communication from businesses to customers. Business information is vital as it allows businesses to give instructions, provide information, obtain views and opinions of customers and employees etc. Verbal information Verbal information is one of the best forms of information available. This is because it is easier to communicate verbally than with any other means. Verbal communication allows depth and detail to be conveyed during a conversation. Verbal information is also effective as emotion, tone and feelings can be conveyed through speech. This is Important for a business like the Marriott , this is because if a customer complains about the poor services the hotel may have provided, it allows Marriott employees to display sympathetic feelings when addressing the situation and therefore empathise with the customer. Although verbal communication is particularly effective in conveying information it has its disadvantages. These include the difficulty in understanding one another due to accents as well as the speaking of foreign languages. This would affect the Marriott as if they had an international customer who spoke minimal English it would be hard for the Marriott staff to interact with that customer and hence could hinder that customer’s experience. Multi-Media Multimedia is a good form of information as it can engage a large audience and it is also particularly effective in delivering a message. Multimedia would be particularly effective for businesses such as the Marriott as it can show information to a large number of its

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