P1 - Describe the Two Types of Businesses

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Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. Type of business 2 2 1 1 The two different companies I will be looking at are Tesco and The British Heart Foundation. Tesco is an organisation which produces profit by selling goods to the general public, they usually sell food but now they are gradually bringing in other products, for example home décor and clothing. Tesco has different brands within the brand itself, for example they have Tesco’s Finest, Best of British, Cocopia etc; these different brands are what makes Tesco different. They sell products of their own brand and other brands within their store, selling their own brands help create more profit from them as they keep it within the business. 3 3 The British Heart Foundation is a charity which is a non-profit organisation, they raise money for people with heart disease and other disorders involving the heart. They raise money by taking in donations of clothing/furniture/books from the public and reselling them in different shops. They also use different organisations to sell goods to raise money for the cause, for example the charity sells goods via eBay. Purpose 4 4 The purpose of Tesco is to sell goods, create profit from this and satisfy the needs of customers. Tesco believe that the purpose is to sell goods but to sell them to fit the current society and what is current at the moment. Their aim is to help solve big challenges that the world faces now and they want to provide goods which can help all different cultures too. 5 5 The purpose of The British Heart Foundation is to raise money for heart disease and other issues involving the heart. Their purpose is to raise enough money to prevent heart disease, be able to raise enough money to run tests and treatments on people and hopefully one day be able to have created a full recovery

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