P1 Describe the Physical Intellectual Emotional and Social Development Through Life Stages Essay

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P1 Describe the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development through the life stages The main life stages of human development are: * Conception * Pregnancy and birth * Infancy * Childhood * Adolescence * Adult-hood * Late adulthood The holistic development of an individual involves them developing physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially; whether it is a positive or negative development. All humans grow develop and mature. Growth: is the term that is used to describe an increase in quantity, for example children grow taller as they get older; as well as that as the height and weight increase. This can be referred to the increase as a process of growth. Maturity: As people grow and develop, maturation is different from either growth or development; this is used when development is assumed to be due to a genetically programmed sequence of change. For example, your experience of puberty can be explained as caused by an inbuilt genetic process which unfolds as you grow older. Puberty can be seen as maturation. Development: it is used to describe the changes that might be complex and involve a change in the character in some competency as well as that is measured in quantity (height or weight). Most social intellectual and emotional change across the lifespan are described as development. At each life stage there are changes that take place in the human body. Infants and children in particular go through what are known as development norms or milestones. Developmental norms A norm is something that is expected, there are certain sequences and developments that are expected with respect to the physical and intellectual development. Although there are norms, it is important to remember that every child will develop in their own way. Norms describe the average set of expectations; however if a child develops faster than the

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