P1 Concepts on Equality

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P1- In this assignment I am going to explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care. Equality- In our community centre, equality is really important as we want to ensure there are equal opportunities for all and it is important that we make sure everyone has equal access to all facilities. Equality is important in ensuring treatment is fair and equitable, by this I mean people should be treated fairly and receive what they require; this means the community centre should provide adequate services for all people. Overall equality is important to the centre in ensuring that everyone receives equal access no matter whether they have a social or physical disadvantage. We must ensure that we are not marginalising against the people at the centre, this means that if people are from poor backgrounds we are providing services which are appropriate and that we are still providing equally to that of others in the centre. The community centre should ensure that they care for all people of different economic well-being and that we offer the same services to all. As well as this there are other areas where equality is are key, an example of this would be a non-English speaker going to the doctor and finding it difficult to communicate. It would be our duty at the community centre to find a person that can speak different languages and help them communicate with the doctor. We would also ensure that the interpreter would be able to work with the non-English speaker to ensure they would be able to access the treatments required. It’s also important to ensure equality of opportunity when people have a physical disability due to their age. An example would be if an elderly person comes to the community centre it’s would be our duty to provide a wheel chair, so that they can feel comfortable in accessing all amenities and ensuring
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