P1 Business Unit 3

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P1: Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations I am working as a marketing assistant for enterprise Bradford for the new scheme that is called Bradford kick-start which the Bradford council are running. The aim of this scheme is to help the local people set up their own businesses by providing support, through experienced and enthusiastic business counsellors, as the marketing assistant I will be asked to evaluate the marketing activities of two companies in relation to a product or a service. The two marketing organisations that I am going to investigate are CAFOD and McDonald’s. CAFOD CAFOD is a charity whose main aim is to generate money from fundraising and other charitable events, to spread equally amongst the poor of the third world and developing countries They fund all sorts of brilliant projects around the world improving many lives and I am proud to be a part of it. They celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. The charity started with a group of women fasting to raise some money and now is a global charity second only to Red Cross. It’s known outside the UK as Caritas international. The following are CAFOD’s aims: • Promote long term development • Respond to emergencies • Raise public awareness of the cause of poverty • Speak out on behalf of poor communities • Promote social injustice in witness to Christian faith and gospel values Short-term and long-term aid Long-term aid • Improving food availability and farming methods • Helping to provide improved shelter • Health care and education • Developing better livelihoods and improving income Short-term aid Provide aid to disaster stricken countries • Set up temporary shelters for those left homeless CAFOD’s mission CAFODs stated mission is "to promote human development and social justice in witness to Christian faith and

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