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Business Education in schools In this article I will compare both the NHS and Facebook and how their businesses operate. I will also define the type of ownership both these business have. Another thing I will be providing is where both these parties work. The NHS (The National Health service) is a public sector. A public sector is made up of central government, local government and businesses that are owned by the government. It also belongs to the shareholders who are the people of United Kingdom who pay their taxes. The NHS uses its public funding’s to be able to do three main tasks to maintain its usefulness to the country. These three things are 1. To be able to meet the needs of everyone, every race, both sexes and all religions. 2. People will have free health care 3. The NHS has to provide based upon clinical needs and not the excuse to charge money. The NHS since the start in 1948 has become the worlds most effective and efficient health service. It is currently operating in the United Kingdom which makes it national with over 400n hospitals/ clinic in United Kingdom at this present time. The NHS has not being implicated into other countries yet. Facebook is a private sector. A private sector is a firm that are owned by private individuals. Facebook is a social networking company that provides for their customers through their mobile and web application. Since it’s a private sector, Facebook makes money through advertisements they publish on their site. Facebook is also a public limited company as it is a company that allows the public to buy and sell shares in the stock market. Facebook operates on an international scale therefore it is popular through the world. Other than advertising to make a profit, Facebook makes money by allowing Zynga to put games on their site. You may know such games as C`ityVille, ZyngaPoker, Allies

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