P.S. I Love You Essay

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P.S. I Love you / Cecelia Ahern. Gerry was gone (died) and he would never be back. (there never points to the fact that a person doesn’t exist anymore). That was the reality. She would never again run her fingers through his soft hair, never share a secret joke across the table at a dinner party, never cry to him when she got home from a hard day at work and just needed a hug; she would never share a bed with him again, never be woken up by his fits of sneezes each morning, never laugh with him so much her stomach would ache, never fight with him about whose turn it was to get up and turn the bedroom light off. All that was left was a bundle of memories and an image of his face that became more and more vague each day. (All that was left… is used to show that Holly lost everything that was in her past, the things that were her everyday routine) Their plan had been very simple (the past perfect is used to show that they planned to be happy, before the tragic events took place). To stay together for the rest of their lives. A plan that anyone within their circle would agree was accomplishable. They were best friends, lovers and soul mates destined to be together, everyone thought. But as it happened, one day destiny greedily changed its mind. (personification) (Such words as: very easy, everyone would agree, accomplishable, destined to be together create an atmosphere that nothing could destroy their relations, nothing except destiny) The end had come all too soon (it was unexpected). After complaining of a migraine for a few days, Gerry had agreed to Holly's suggestion that he see his doctor. This was done one Wednesday on a lunch break from work. The doctor thought it was due to stress or tiredness and agreed that at the very worst he might need glasses. Gerry hadn't been happy with that. He had been upset about the idea he might need glasses. He needn't

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