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Ozzie Gullien Essay

  • Submitted by: jafuentes
  • on May 3, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 330 words

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Ozzie Guillen

After Hearing Ozzie Guillen’s speech on youtube towards his comments on loving Fidel Castro I see him as an innocent man for saying the truth, not the fact that he loves him but the fact that its surprisely that Fidel Castro still walks amongs us, and nobody sees that yet. Guillen expressed an opinion that a very vocal and powerful group of citizens disagreed with him, and citizens from Miami, Florida mostly American Cubans want him silenced.   As Howard Cosell once said, “famously that sports and politics don’t mix, yet the more you stare at the world of sports it becomes obvious that it’s not “sports and politics” that don’t mix, but sports and a certain kind of politics do.” My stomach turns when I hear American citizens call President Barack Obama a Muslim, the devil and Hitler, just as it did four years ago when invectives like idiot and Hitler were hurled at George W. Bush. But when it comes down to an innocent human been speaking his opinions towards politics, everything turns into a bloody war because all Ozzie really did was start a dialogue. There was absolutely no need for them to suspend him for 5 season games if he was just speaking abridging the freedom of speech like it’s stated in the first amendment, they could of just spoke to him of what could happen. For instance, what if an athlete does an interview with Time Magazine where he says abortion is murder and he believes women who have them should be tied as such? Should a team be allowed to suspend him? What if women get mad? Now that is the question? What would really happen if that topic would pop up if he/she are just free speaking? Would they silence him/her down just like Guillen? If that would to happen they should just veto the first amendment, for everybody that speaks their minds out.

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