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1. Ozymandias is a proud and arrogant person. He thinks very highly of himself and what he has achieved. The Phrase “my name is Ozymandias, Kings of kings: look at my works, ye mighty and despair” connotes there is a lot of arrogance. Ozymandias can be depicted as a strong ruler, this can be assumed by reading line 4 and 5 the words “frown”, “wrinkled lip” and “sneer of cold command” suggests authority, dominance and snobbishness. In line 10 Ozymandias refers to himself as “King of kings” which suggest he regards himself as above everyone else or the most power leader on earth, this may indicate he is a very vain man. Ozymandias's speech is ambiguous in linen 11. On one hand he tells the “mighty” to “despair” because their achievements will never equal to his “works”. On the other hand he is telling the “mighty” to “despair” as a kind of warning implying that they must not get their hopes up because their work will never be as good as his and will eventually be destroyed or will fade away, this suggest his pride, ego and conceitedness. 2. The poem tells us more about the “passions” of the face depicted on the statue. The passions still survive because they are “stampd” on these lifeless things. In line 7 there is a contrast between life and death. The fragments of the statue are called “lifeless things”. Even though the stone are lifeless they paradoxically give life to the “passion” that still survives. Ozymandias believed his works would be there forever but his sculpture lies in the sand. The poet suggests that power is merely temporary, we all are mortal. Nothing lasts forever. Everything deteriorates within time no matter how great they once were. 3. The irony comes from the fact that Ozymandias’s statue will not be a source of remembrance for a great man, but rather a testament of his oppression of his people. He did nothing to build a memory

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