Oxycontin: How Should We Deal with Illicit-Licit Drug Use?

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Debate paper #2 How should we deal with illicit-licit drug use? Oxycontin is a pharmaceutical drug that is prescribed for people to relieve moderate severe pain. The use of this drug as a recreational drug started in rural areas like Appalachia and has increased in the United States beginning in the late 1900s. One would normally think since oxycontin recreational use has become so extreme, banning it would make society a better place; however, prohibiting it might just make it the opposite. There may be a few reasons why prohibition of oxycontin would be bad but I feel as though the main reason is because if that occurs, it is going to cause people to resort to harder drugs, such as heroin. People compare oxycontin to heroin and say that it has similar effects; therefore, if the oxy is no longer available, naturally they will go to the next option that’s comparable; heroin. On a local drug forum, called “Topix”, username ang81 tells us, “heroin and oxys have around the same 1/2 life, well actually heroin should metabolize quicker being an accelerated form of morph, so the stoned feeling after the euphoria may last longer, but only because oxys are also a stimulant which counter acts that groggy, stoned feeling you get from morphine”. Another reason why we shouldn’t prohibit the use is because Oxycontin is much safer than many other drugs out there. Oxycontin contains a large amount of oxycodone which means oxycontin is way more pure and known simply because it is a prescribed controlled substance you get right over the counter at your nearest pharmacy (Prescription Drugs). According to the 2003 study by the Government Accountability Office, pharmaceutical drugs like oxycodone have a definite purity and known ingredients, unlike street-drugs like heroin, which have relatively unknown purity and ingredients. Lastly, if these recreational users are going to
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