Oxycontin Abuse Essay

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OxyContin Abuse Timothy Cashen Com/220 Axia College You might be curious to why people are doing OxyContin, so let me ask you a few questions and think about it. Why are people abusing the use of OxyContin? Is there ways to help people to stop? What do they look like? Are teenagers doing the prescribed medication? Is the abuse of prescription drugs among teenagers and young adults? People out there need help and we need to have a solution and spread the word. We need to band together and push the FDA to put stronger regulations on the distribution of prescription pain relievers, especially OxyContin. OxyContin will be the pain reliever I focus mostly on in the following pages, because it is a drug that hits close to home and is readily available where I grew up. In my home town of Juneau, Alaska…show more content…
It can be eaten and ingested like the intended way. It can be crushed and snorted up the nasal cavity. It can be diluted in water and injected by a needle in to the blood stream. And it can be smoked off of tinfoil inhaled through a straw. It is addictive enough as it is just taking the pill. Snorting it, smoking it, and injecting it not only make the high more quick and powerful but they make the drug more addictive also. If we cannot get the doctors prescribing the pills to be more careful to make sure the people they are prescribing them to actually need them. If we cannot get stricter regulations on the distributions of OxyContin, can we at least get the OxyContin Company to acknowledge that people are snorting, smoking, and injecting their pills to get high. Maybe if enough people are woken up to how big a problem this really is then the company will do something to change the way they make the pill so people can no longer snort it, or smoke it, or shoot it up. Do something so that the pill can only be used the way that it is intended. Put something in it so users can not snort, smoke, or shoot up the

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