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OXO products began with the idea of making kitchen tools more comfortable to use. The OXO brand was founded in 1990 on the philosophy of Universal Design, which allows people of all ages- young and old, male and female, lefties and righties to comfortably use OXO as well as people who have special needs (OXO, Our Roots, 2014). The idea was thought of Sam Farber, an entrepreneur in the housewares industry, who noticed “his wife Betsey was having difficulty gripping ordinary kitchen tools due to a slight case of arthritis in her hands, he saw an opportunity to create more comfortable cooking tools that would benefit all users” (OXO, Our Roots, 2014). Sam Farber took his idea and began some initial research with customers, chefs and retailers, and even brought a note gerontologist, Patricia Moore, to help with customers who have special needs (OXO, Our Roots, 2014). He turned a basic idea into a huge business whose supply chain and distribution methods helped its products to sell indirectly through third party businesses. OXO Target Market OXO’s wants each and every single one of their products to have a humanistic approach, especially with people who suffer from ailments like arthritis. OXO’s kitchen designs tries to target and make products usable by as many people as possible. “The goal of making products more usable forces us to first identify problems and inefficiencies of existing products (including our own!), not only in terms of comfort, but performances as well” (OXO, About OXO, 2014). Comfort was the first thought that drove the OXO products to its first customers, but now it tries to target as many people as possible. Therefore, OXO’s most profitable customers were initially those who were looking for comfort while cooking in the kitchen, but through their research they found out that people of all ages and ailments were attracted to the brand.

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